Thank you for writing this! The following tips really resonates with me!

- Remember names: I have always thought myself to be bad at remembering names, but I now think it's just and mindset barrier. I could always spend an extra minute to ensure that I remember the person's name or even write it down somewhere.

- Fill your non-productive times with inspiration: I have been listening to podcasts while working out. Now that you mentioned this, I think it's definitely a great idea to put a podcast on speaker if I'm just feeling lazy to get my energy back!

- Never make a phone call while sitting: I think this is also a great time saver! Now that everyone is working remotely, there are a lot of phone calls that drag exceptionally long for no reason. Making phone calls while standing / walking incentives you to be quick and get to the point.

Thank you for the wonderful article!

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software engineer (web full-stack) + Machine Learning grad student at UT Austin. I write about studying tips, productivity, and minimalism.

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